New Firmware Update For HTC Desire

HTC Desire

HTC Desire Firmware Update

The new firmware update version v2.29.405.2 has released to HTC Desire users on December 6th. This firmware update is confirmed to be sent to only unlocked HTC Desire for now - no date confirmed for HTC Desire on carrier versions. No change-log released from HTC for now but many forums has suggested this firmware is a maintenance release or could be preparing the HTC Desire for the new version of OS like Gingerbread. For 28.87 MB size download you need at lease 25MB for install this firmware - check this update by go to Settings > About phone > System software updates on you HTC Desire.


HTC Desire HD Stock Extremely Limited in UK

HTC Desire HD Stock

HTC Desire HD Limited Stock

HTC Desire HD the monster Android phone with 4.3-inch display screen and Android 2.2 with latest version of HTC Sense UI is the most popular phone today - 3 major carrier in UK saying that HTC Desire HD stock now extremely limited. In picture above Orange and Vodafone shows HTC Desire HD with a limited stock and an out of stock from T-mobile. So, this is a last chance for you to grab HTC Desire HD if not you may have to wait until HTC Desire HD back in stock again.


Vodafone UK Shows HTC Desire Z On Their Site

HTC Desire Z Vodafone UK

HTC Desire Z Vodafone

Early this month, we have seen a HTC Desire Z advertisement from Vodafone UK and now HTC Desire Z showed on Vodafone site. For HTC Desire Z on Vodafone, the lack of on contracts phone in UK has ended - you can get HTC Desire Z for free starting at £35 monthly contract with 900 mins, unlimited texts and 750 MB data. The lowest monthly cost for HTC Desire Z is £25 per month with 100 mins, 500 texts and data but you have to pay £199 for phone cost.

HTC Desire Z is the Tmobile G2 Euro version with latest version of HTC Sense - the phone coming with nice QWERTY keyboard and Android 2.2 OS for more service plan please head to


E2Save Offers HTC Desire HD For Free on £30 monthly tarfiff

Orange Tariffs for HTC Desire HD

HTC Desire HD Deal From E2Save

Looking for another HTC Desire HD deal ? - E2Save now offers the HTC Desire HD on a 2-year Orange contract for free phone. For grab the free phone you have to pay £30 per month and choose 6 Months FREE by redemption then you will get the latest beast Android phone from HTC with 4.3-inch and and Android 2.2 on 900 mins, unlimited texts and 750MB data. Head to for get this special deal.


Virgin Mobile Brings Android 2.2 To Their HTC Desire

HTC Desire

Android 2.2 On Virgin Mobile HTC Desire

Meanwhile, Android 2.3 will be available in very nearly future. Virgin Mobile has finally launched Android 2.2 ( Froyo ) to their customers with original HTC Desire on November 12. For update your phone - noting you have to do this update will be delivered to your HTC Desire over the air. Android 2.2 will brings Adobe Flash 10.1, 720p video recording and Wi-Fi hotpost to your HTC Desire.


HTC Desire Z Vodafone

HTC Desire Z on Vodafone

HTC Desire Z Vodafone

No more information but the advertisement for HTC Desire Z on Vodafone leaked in this morning. The QWERTY phone, HTC Desire Z will be available soon on Vodafone beside the HTC Desire HD which already available. Vodafone will offers free HTC Desire Z on 30 pounds per month on business tariff service plan. We will keep you update when release date for HTC Desire get confirmed.

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HTC Desire Z Review

HTC Desire Z

HTC Desire Z Review

HTC Desire Z the latest QWERTY keyboard Android phone from HTC. HTC Desire Z is a Europe version of Tmobile G2 the revolution of first ever Android phone like Tmobile G1. HTC Desire Z now available in many carrier and costs around 420 pounds for SIM-free phone and 30 pounds per month for a free phone on contract. HTC Desire Z coming with brushed aluminum battery cover and around display screen also, and that make the phone looks sturdy and modern when it’s in your hands. HTC Desire Z Dimensions : 60mm x 119mm x14mm and weight 180 g ,this a heavy and thick phone but don’t forget that HTC Desire Z is coming with slide-out keyboard.

HTC Desire Z ButtonsHTC Desire Z has 3.7-inch 480x800 pixels Super LCD screen which is a good quality touchscreen that you can imagine, It has a bright and colorful color and very readable when using in outdoor. Like others new Android phone, there are 4 touch keys : home, menu, back, search buttons and optical trackpad (which useless when you have a responsive screen like HTC Desire Z 's screen) at the bottom of screen. on the right side of the phone you will find a dedicated camera button for easy access to camera interface, volume rocker and mini-USB port on the left side, 3.5mm audio jack and power button on the top.

HTC Desire Z Z-hingeThe QWERTY keyboard with Z-hinge designed on HTC Desire Z different from slide-out keyboard in previous phone. This keyboard designed for prevent thumb bashing ,an issue when use on original slide-out keyboard. HTC Desire Z 's keyboard has a nice key space and function keys, shift keys on both side – for allow you to use capital letters and symbols. The keyboard also has 2 quick keys on each side which you can assigned to open application or shortcuts with one-click. So, we can say that HTC Desire Z is one of best QWERTY keyboard phone in the market.

HTC Desire Z QWERTY KeyboardThe HTC Desire Z has 800 MHz MSM 7230 Qualcomm the second generation chipset, 512MB RAM, 1.5GB internal memory which can expand up to 32GB and runs the latest version of Android OS, Android 2.2 (Froyo) – offers full grid menu, 5 customizable home screens, and more downloadable application from Android market are available. The one main feature of Android 2.2 is Flash Player 10.1 support which offer YouTube video playing on HTC Desire Z. Like the HTC Desire HD, HTC Desire Z also has new HTC Sense which coming with many features like smart-ringing for automatic lower volume when phone was out and rings louder when phone is in your bag, FriendStrean which integrated with social network site like Facebook,Twitter. Find and Add your friend on Facebook by using email or from the people who calling you, See latest Facebook status when your friend update it and more. Another main feature for new version of HTC Sense is which allows HTC Desire Z and HTC Desire HD owners tracking, locating, install application, backup, set a divert call and more service, make the phone rings even if it’s on silent mode (in case you lost it) through the site.

HTC Desire Z Display ScreenThe camera on HTC Desire Z is 5 Megapixel camera with LED flash, autofocus and support 720p video recording which working smoothly. HTC Desire Z supports for HSPA+ network, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and that means you can use HTC Desire Z as web browser phone. So, if you are QWERTY phone and looking for new and fast Android phone in the market, HTC Desire Z is your options with incredible QWERTY keyboard, Android 2.2 with new HTC Sense this phone will make you feel much more than you can imagine but if you don’t worry about QWERTY keyboard the slimmer phone with super-large 4.3 inch display screen and 8 Megapixel camera, HTC Desire HD may be your choice.

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