HTC Desire Review : Nexus One Upgraded Version


HTC Desire Review

Nexus One the first Google Android phone has been impacting all of Android phone with 3.7 inch AMOLED screen and powered by 1GHz Snapdragon CPU this is Android phone that no one can refuse.But for now the Google Nexus One not the best Android phone in Market anymore cause HTC announced 3 new smartphones and one of that is HTC Desire.

At the first look HTC Desire or previous codenamed "HTC Bravo" very similar to Google Nexus One and that why people also call HTC Desire "Nexus Two" or "Upgraded version of Nexus One" But there's a different between HTC Desire and Google Nexus One. First,HTC Desire doesn't has trackball like Nexus One but replace by optical trackpad same as HTC Legend and bring four touch-sensitive buttons out and put physical keys instead.No noise cancellation and Voice to text on HTC Desire for reduce HTC Desire price.

Same as Nexus One , HTC Desire running on Snapdragon 1GHz CPU processor and same version of Android platform,Android 2.1.HTC Desire also has a 5 Megapixel camera with LED flash and 3.5mm headset.HTC Desire has proximity sensor and compass too.

The biggest different is HTC Desire comes with New HTC Sense UI from HTC Hero which bring new feature in addition.One is Helicopter View feature which zoom out your screen and allow HTC Desire users to see all of 7 homescreens and you can also choose a homescreen you want.HTC Desire also supported Flash that means you can watch videos on the Web on HTC Desire.

No long way to go,HTC Desire will available in 4rd week of March or beginning of April and i think the price will lower than $440 without any contract.($440 is a price for pre-order HTC Desire on Amazon UK)



  1. Hey, I have a question to users of the Desire: when I put videos on the device and upload them to the memory card, can I arrange them into a playlist on the device itself to be able to play a series of music videos, without having to select each one, and also to be able to skip tracks, fast forward and shuffle??? Can the built-in music player play a video playlist? If not, can the video player play a playlist with videos separately from music (and even just play the audio file if the screen is shut off)? If not still, is there any application - video player - on Android Market that supports video playlists and shuffle, skip and fast forward. I would not dream of being able to change the playback speed tho, just to be able to play my vids right. I'd appreciate any your insights

  2. This is great phone! The display screen is AMOLED and have 576 MB RAM; 512 MB ROM.

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