Vodafone UK Shows HTC Desire Z On Their Site

HTC Desire Z Vodafone UK

HTC Desire Z Vodafone

Early this month, we have seen a HTC Desire Z advertisement from Vodafone UK and now HTC Desire Z showed on Vodafone site. For HTC Desire Z on Vodafone, the lack of on contracts phone in UK has ended - you can get HTC Desire Z for free starting at £35 monthly contract with 900 mins, unlimited texts and 750 MB data. The lowest monthly cost for HTC Desire Z is £25 per month with 100 mins, 500 texts and data but you have to pay £199 for phone cost.

HTC Desire Z is the Tmobile G2 Euro version with latest version of HTC Sense - the phone coming with nice QWERTY keyboard and Android 2.2 OS for more service plan please head to Vodafone.co.uk