How To Root HTC Desire HD

HTC Desire HD

HTC Desire HD Root

If you are HTC Desire HD owners and want to root your HTC Desire HD - you can download VISIONary app to your phone and follow this introduction. VISIONary is an application which offer you a one-click temporary root but you can choose Run On Boot option for re-root your HTC Desire HD every time you reboot the phone. However, this still be a temporary boot that means you can't edit the hboot or the recovery image and can't port any custom ROM which require permanent root. Why should we root ? - you ask me, for root HTC Desire HD you will be allowed to installing applications and themes that require a root and can use Titanium Backup.

HTC Desire HD Root Guide :
- Open your HTC Desire HD and go to Android Market for download VISIONary (or you can scan a QR code in below for download app)
- Install VISIONary to your HTC Desire HD
- You will find VISIONary app icon on your home screen
- Launch the app and follow the instructions

Note - Choose "Run On Boot" option if you want to re-root your HTC Desire HD when reboot.

VISIONary app