Free VDO Service for HTC Desire on T-mobile UK

VDO service for HTC Desire T-mobile UK

VOD Service for HTC Desire T-mobile UK

Saffron Digital the video delivery company brings Videon On Demand Plus service to T-mobile UK 's HTC Desire customers.T-mobile UK customers who buying HTC Desire can access to 2 free Warner Bros titles from a list of eight titles including The Hangover,Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,Driving Aphrodite,The Matrix Revolutions,Lethal Weapon and Superman2.This service will be available only in first month after you purchase HTC Desire.After that new Warner Bros titles will cost 2.49 GBP for older titles and 3.49 GBP for new released titles.Main feature of Video On Demand Plus is you can watch movies on both PC and mobile phones and can start watching movies on your HTC Desire from the point when you left off on your PC.

Seem like a new trend for Android phone or smart phones is connection with TV.We can see HDMI connection and more Video service for smart phone.How do you thing about this ?

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One Comment

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