HTC Desire Telstra : GPS Connectivity issues

HTC Desire Telstra

HTC Desire Telstra GPS Problem

HTC Desire available on Telstra the Australia carrier last week without problems.But several users proclaiming they have GPS connectivity problem in forums.This problem may cause of the ROM installed in HTC Desire Telstra models.However Telstra and HTC has responded to this problem when contacted by HTC Desire users who got a problem and here are what Telstra and HTC said :

Telstra :
We appreciate you taking the time to contact us about your experience. We value your feedback as it helps us to identify areas needing improvement in the services we deliver to our customers.

Please be advised to call our Mobile Customer Service at 125 111 or visit your nearest Telstra Shop for further assistance regarding the GPS issues on HTC Desire.

Thank you for contacting HTC. We are very sorry for the issues you are encountering with your handset in terms of the GPS application. Currently, I regret to inform you but I am not unable to answer your queries in full detail, but if you will allow, I will research and see what I can find out about the issues you are encountering. If need be, I will enlist the help of our Senior Engineer so they can test it on the same handset model.
Hopefully,HTC and Telstra will fix this issues in nearly future.So any HTC Desire usrs have the same problem or others ? You can tell me in comment box below.