HTC Desire Root Tutorial Released

HTC Desire Rooted

HTC Desire Root Tutorial

Last month,we have heard that Paul from Modaco site had rooted HTC Desire and promise a root tutorial will be available in nearly future.In Modaco Paul released a full HTC Desire root tutorial.But if you want to root your HTC Desire,you should remember that root process will completely reset your phone and for now no backup options for the ROM on HTC Desire.So,root at your own risk,you also risk breaking your phone.

An example from HTC Desire root tutorial
The root process will...
  • flash your device with a new, generic 1.15.405.4 based ROM that has Superuser access
  • show you how to enter the recovery image in future, allowing you to flash update zips
The root process will NOT...
  • enable you to flash your device with a custom recovery image that can be launched easily by just holding down the volume down button when powering on
  • enable you to have write access to the /system partition in normal use of the device
Both of these limitations are being worked on of course.


In order to complete this guide, you need the following...
  • a HTC Desire
  • a Windows machine (sorry, I am trying to remove dependencies on specific OS')
  • a Linux (a liveCD should do) or OSX machine (sorry, I am trying to remove dependencies on specific OS')
  • a microUSB cable
  • a microSD card (to be made into a 'goldcard')
  • the downloads below
  • balls of steel (actually, I just made that up
For full HTC Desire Root Tutorial ,click here